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          Fabienne Bryskère new Mestdagh CEO

          Een winkel van Carrefour Market (Mestdagh)

          Fabienne Bryskère has been appointed new CEO of Belgian distribution group Mestdagh. She succeeds Guillaume Beuscart, who left the company earlier this year.


          Continue transformation plan

          Bryskère (55) was CEO at drugstore chain Multipharma and had worked for supermarket chain Carrefour for twelve years. She will make it her mission to "continue the implementation of the company's transformation plan New Mestdagh 2020", as Belgian newspaper Le Soir quotes a press release. The plan is supposed to help the company adapt to a distribution sector "confronted with new consumer expectations."


          Beuscart, Bryskère's predecessor, left the company in January and had his responsibilities transferred to CFO Emmanuel Coria until a replacement was found. Beuscart directed Mestdagh, Carrefour's most important Belgian franchiser, through a restructuration in which 360?jobs were cut.